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  1. No Turning Back
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“No Turning Back” is a patriotic song written and performed by the young band The Wentzel Brothers Band. This southern song is the tenth listed track on the album In the Shadow of the Mountain.
No Turning Back features the most complex vocal harmony up to the date of release of any Wentzel Brothers song.


“No Turning Back”
It's been many a cold night that I slept out in the rain
Didn't know where I was headed didn't know who to blame
The man who sent me out there were the same that paid my bills
I was left no consolation for the men I had to kill
I'm the valiant yet forgotten I was strong when they were weak
When I go to see a doctor I can't even get a seat
A man can promise change but what will he really do?
Fatten up his wallet taking rights from me and you
I've got news for uncle Sam you'll take my rifle from my hand
When you dig it up from where my body lay.
There ain't no turning back once you've fallen of the track
There ain't no turning back once you've fallen off the track
The flag was once strong a symbol of strength across the land
They try to tear it down but thaynold flag still stands
You disgrace the things we love but you can't change the past
If you step on our ground prepare for an attack
We are the people nothing is stronger together we stand and United we conquer