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  1. Hell Train
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“Hell Train” is a hard southern rock song written and performed by The Wentzel Brothers Band. The song is track 9 on the Wentzel Brothers’ second studio album In the Shadow of the Mountain. This southern rock anthem is sure to get your heart thumping and head nodding. This fast rock music makes heads turn. The music in the song portrays well the suspense and rage of a failing relationship.


“Hell Train”
My train has left the station
I am leaving that ol’ life behind
I've got no destination
On my troubled mind
She has no imagination
We just couldn't seem to turn this train around
She needs a mental evaluation
Lord she's hellbound
It is no exaggeration
That she sucks all the air from the room
I can't run from my situation
Let this train from hell carry me through
Standing toe-to-toe with Satan
Bloody, beat-down, and hellbound