From the recording In The Shadow Of The Mountain

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“In the Shadow Of the Mountain” is a southern rock anthem sure to get anybody on their feet. The song is track 4 on the Nashville band’s second studio album In the Shadow of the Mountain. The new music, with its driving bass line, powerful drum track, and head bobbing rhythm gives people on the road something to sink their teeth into.


“In the Shadow Of the Mountain”
Over mountain high and through valley low
Ain't nobody gonna find me baby, No no no
I've been running so long my soles are worn thin
Ain't no man, near not far, has been where I have been
In the Shadow of the Mountain is where my baby stay
I haven't seen my baby in three hundred and sixty-five days
When you're livin’ in the shadows, day becomes night
You do what you need to survive whether it's wrong or it's right
Sometimes I think of heading back as I lie awake in bed
I just can't go, oh no
Where the mountain breeze don't blow
Well I was raised back in the hills
Far from town you see
Not a soul back in that holler
Step-Ma, Pa, and me
We ate what we had to eat
Didn't have much corn or wheat
Well my poppa was a bootlegger
Gave me my first taste of shine
My mother was a farmer's daughter
From South Caroline
I don't know why they chose
To live this way
But now that I'm a man
I don't see no reason to change