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  1. Chuck Terry

From the recording In The Shadow Of The Mountain

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“Chuck Terry” is a song by The Wentzel Brothers Band that really captures the fun feeling of good old-fashioned blues rock. It is the third track off the band’s second album In The Shadow of the Mountain. This song really embodies the Wentzel Brothers tendency to write songs that are just as fun to play as they are to listen to.


“Chuck Terry”
Sometimes life is like a ball and chain
Draggin’ you down day after day
As soon as you think you’re gonna gain control
That ball and chain drags you back in the hole
And Lord I don’t know if I can
Keep Draggin’ Along
Well I got news you’ll be glad to hear
The end of those days are gettin’ near
It turns out you don’t have to sing or play
To rock and roll all your problems away
Most people don’t know how to these days
But I’ll show you the way
It goes a little something like this
Come on